Construction on our new 9,220 s.f. Children’s Wing will begin very soon and it is going to be such an amazing addition to our church facilities. All of our children’s ministries, from birth through grade 5 will be contained in this new state of the art facility.  Parents will be able to drop their children off at one central location with the confidence that they will be safe and secure until they return to pick them up. It is going to be a facility that will also allow various groups to meet during the week and will also house our new Café.

Family Life Centre – Phase 1 Now Under Construction

Construction photos of the Children’s Wing

Groundbreaking photos taken by Sarah Bayford of Sarah Bayford Photography

Help us reach our building fund goal

We have some big goals for our pledges. The Hallelujah goal is $1,000.000, our Victory Goal is $750,000 and our Celebration Goal is $500,000. (pledged over 3 years) Each goal is big, but together I believe we can do it. Pick up a commitment card in the lobby this Sunday!

    1. Your contribution is important – We are not a wealthy church. We don’t have any million dollar donors. Our Children’s Wing will only be built if everyone gives what they can. Whatever you are able to give will make a difference.
    1. Your contribution should represent a sacrifice – We can’t all give the same amount but we can all make a similar sacrifice. That is all the Lord expects from us. Jesus said the woman who threw a couple of penny’s into the offering box gave more than the rich people who may have given hundreds of dollars because she gave all that she had but they just gave a little out of their wealth. It’s not the amount that impresses God, but what that amount represents. Giving generously for you will be a different amount from what giving generously will be for someone else. Give generously for you and the Lord will be pleased.
    1. Your contribution should be faith based – A pledge to the Building Fund is a commitment to God that as He provides you will give a certain amount to help transform the lives of the children in this area through our new building. That amount should be based on faith. Not presumptuous faith – don’t pledge $500,000 unless you truly believe God is going to provide you with $500,000 over the next 3 years – but real faith, practical faith. That’s why you need to pray about what you should give. I have no clue what you should give. My only expectation and hope is that it will be a big enough gift to represent true faith and represents what you believe the Lord would have you give!
$178,822 Committed So Far (Over 3 Years):