Join the Bridge Family – Become a Member Today!

Membership in a local church is all about belonging!

Belonging involves interaction, influence, change, growth, shared missions, responsibility, accountability and caring for one another in love.

While membership is not required, we encourage all who attend to seriously consider taking this step of publicly identifying yourself with our church family by becoming a member.

Our C4 Connections Course is held frequently throughout the year, sign up here for our newsletter where dates are announced.

This course provides those who simply want to attend the church with helpful information about who we are as a church, what we believe, our history and our future plans, as well as information about The Wesleyan Church, the denomination of which we are a part.

Understanding what we stand for, discovering your spiritual gifts and finding your place within the Bridge is what this course is all about.

Join us; we have a place for you.

Our next C4 Connections Course is happening Tuesday February 16 @ 7:00 pm. Sign up today by calling us at 613.592.7635!