We take your kids. Seriously.

Themed Children's Wing

Kids aged 0-12 instantly feel at home in our themed rooms – Baby Scoops, Toddler Train Station, The Clubhouse, and The Theatre – so you can feel at ease during your worship and sermon time.

High-Energy Worship

We ensure kids look forward to returning week after week with worship time that’s fun and exciting. Kids sing and dance to the moves of the song leaders and often have a chance to join in on stage.

Biblical Learning

From worship we transition into class time. By engaging the children in a mix of instruction, play, and craft building, we take care to positively reinforce the teachings of Jesus Christ and The Holy Bible.

The Future of the Church

We believe the children of today will be voice of the church tomorrow. In today’s uncertain  world, it’s now more important than ever to prepare kids for what awaits them in the years ahead.

A Summer Camp Like No Other

We make an impact on kid’s lives year after year at our Vacation Bible School (VBS) summer camp. Kids meet with Jesus, make new friends, have fun, learn songs, and engage in activities. Many of the older kids become group helpers in future years.

REMIX Student Ministry

We want every student to have somewhere and someone. Somewhere they know they belong and someone who cares about them, no matter the circumstances. Teenage years can be hard but they aren’t something that have to be done alone.

We would love for you to join us for one of our mid-week program!